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Armscor/Rock Island Armory has introduced a number of new handguns into their collection for 2015, including 1911 models, big-bore 10mm designs and easy-to-use conversions for the .22 TCM cartridge. These affordable designs all offer high-quality parts and precise fitting to deliver the maximum accuracy and performance when it matters most.

One exciting new addition is the new 10mm variant to the Pro Match series. Introduced as a competition-ready 1911-style pistol, the new Pro Match Ultra is a long-slide model that offers a double-stack magazine with a 6-inch barrel. Refined ergonomics in the grip frame help tame the typically robust recoil of the 10mm round.

The new Baby Rock Standard CS is a new .380 ACP variant to Arscor’s Rock series. The pistol features the familiar frame and controls of a 1911-style pistol but in a much smaller package. Available in mid-2015, the Baby Rock holds 7+1 rounds of .380 ACP.

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Armscor’s work on the .22 TCM round is well known in the firearms community, and now it has applied that engineering toward a conversion kit that will allow Glock pistols to fire it. By altering the .22 TCM cartridge into what Armscor calls the “.22 TCM 9R” configuration, which matches it to the dimensions of a 9mm cartridge, Glock 17 and Glock 22 (Gen 1, Gen2, Gen 3) owners will be able to easily convert their pistols to fire the new line of ammunition with their original magazines.

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