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Remington Arms Company, LLC, (“Remington”) is pleased to announce the V3 – a new 3-inch chambered, American designed and built shotgun that represents the return of America’s greatness in autoloading shotguns.

The all new V3 blends Remington’s legendary pointability with the reliability of the revolutionary VersaPort® gas system in a compact lightweight platform. A match only made in America. The Remington V3 flawlessly cycles all 2 ¾ to 3-inch 12 gauge loads while reducing recoil to a level previously unheard of in autoloaders.

Unlike other gas operated semi-automatic shotguns, the V3 VersaPort gas system is located directly in front of the receiver. This results in a properly designed forend for ideal ergonomics and centers the weight between the shooter’s hands – delivering superior balance and swing performance.

At the heart of the V3 autoloading shotgun is the patented VersaPort gas piston system, an extremely-reliable, semi-automatic operating system consisting of gas ports and gas pistons for enhanced load versatility, while softening recoil and reducing maintenance. The VersaPort gas system self-regulates gas pressure based on the length of the shell, for reliable cycling no matter the load. From the lightest of target loads to the heaviest of magnum loads, the V3 is as comfortable on the sporting clays range as it is in the duck blind.

Additionally with its self-cleaning gas piston system, overall maintenance time and effort is virtually eliminated. With fewer parts than conventional gas systems, not only is cleaning easier but there are fewer parts to maintain.

The Remington V3 is available in wood and synthetic versions with an adjustable stock system (Cast and Drop) to fit almost any sized shooter. The V3 is the new American autoloader, from Remington.

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