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Remington has responded to the public’s need for high-quality self-defense handgun ammunition by introducing its Golden Saber Black Belt ammo to civilians in 2015. Previously sold only to law enforcement, the Golden Saber Black Belt line offers brass bullet jackets for reliable and predictable expansion, penetration and weight retention. Available chamberings will initially include 9mm, 9mm +P, .40 S&W and .45 ACP.

The company has improved upon the Golden Saber bullet design by adding a MechaniLokt belt that helps control expansion and bonds the load’s core and jacket together for deeper penetration. The Golden Saber bullets used in the design also feature spiral nose cuts for predictable expansion through clogging barriers, while its hourglass shape mechanically locks the lead in the rear portion of the bullet. All Remington Golden Saber Black Belt ammo features nickel-plated shell cases for increased corrosion resistance and reliable operation.

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Thanks to Black Belt being tested and used in the real world by law enforcement, those using the ammo for concealed carry or home defense can trust that it has the stopping power necessary to survive a deadly armed attack.

For more information on Remington’s new Golden Saber Black Belt line of ammunition, visit or call the company at 800-243-9700.

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