Watch the SR1911 Lightweight Commander in action below!

Interest in the 1911 pistol remains incredibly strong, especially in less costly entry-level versions from proven manufacturers. Low-cost 1911 models have brought this venerable design to thousands of new shooters as John Browning’s design remains simple, reliable, robust and easy to shoot. Once priced out of reach for most, new designs, better machining and lower costs have served to make the 1911 increasingly popular. For years, many of us long-time 1911 fans believed Ruger the perfect manufacturer for this pistol. Always focused on proven quality for the average shooter, Ruger is the perfect fit, and its SR1911 line proves that point with emphasis.

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Completely built, not just assembled, in the U.S., the SR1911 lineup has experienced incredible success. Combining the most common and sought-after features, these pistols are reliable, strong, accurate and priced competitively. Almost immediately upon the introduction of the company’s all-steel Commander model, customers were clamoring for a lightweight-framed version.

The wait is over, and it looks to be as solid as every SR1911 in the line. Using an anodized aluminum frame and titanium feed ramp, the SR1911 Lightweight Commander is built to last under hard use. Using the proven Series 70 design, this lightweight Commander design includes many of the most sought-after accessories in a concealed-carry 1911 pistol. Featuring a 7+1 capacity of hard-hitting .45 ACP, the Lightweight Commander features a 4.25-inch barrel and weighs only 29.3 ounces. With an overall length of 7.75 inches and a height of 5.45 inches, the pistol is a natural for everyday carry.

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Take a quick look at the SR1911 Lightweight Commander under test conditions. Tested as a concealed-carry pistol using several self-defense loads on a cold, rainy and muddy day, this pistol seemed to acquit itself well on the range. Look for a full test and evaluation of Ruger’s new SR1911 Lightweight Commander in an upcoming issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS. To subscribe or purchase, go to

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