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(Photo by Signal 9 Defense)

New for 2015, Signal 9 Defense is releasing the Reliant, a four-barrel pistol designed for concealed carry. Offered in multiple calibers — 32 ACP, .32 HR Mag, .32 Long, .32 Short, .380, .38 Spl, .38 +P, .38 S&W, .38 Long, .38 Short — with interchangeable 2.63″ barrels, the Reliant offers a four-round capacity with a four-shot speedloader in the grip, ambidextrous one-hand operation, and an eight-pound trigger pull.

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“Reliant’s innovative design represents true revolution in personal defense and is perfect for either a primary firearm or a backup for shooters of all experience levels,” the press release reads. “Signal 9 Defense has also partnered with LaserMax that allows for an optional integrated red or green laser that is controlled by a grip activated switch.”

See below for a full rundown of features and specs.


* 4 shot, 4 barrel break-action
* Multiple Calibers with interchangeable barrels
* Stainless Steel barrel. Hard coat anodized aluminum frame. Aluminum Upper Receiver
* Patent pending all-internal action equates to no jams
* Firing action cannot be neutralized by an assailant grasping the gun.
* Patent pending design makes accidental discharge from impact/dropping virtually impossible
* 4-round capacity with 4 shot speedloader in the grip.
* Ergonomic grip
* DEEP COVER – Reliant can be fired from within pocket or purse
* Ambidextrous one-hand operation
* Patent pending ULTRA SMOOTH 8 lb trigger pull
* Grip automatically activates optional red or green laser


* Calibers: .32 ACP (requires moon clip), .32 HR Mag, .32 Long, .32 Short, .380 (requires moon clip), .38 Spl, .38 +P, .38 S&W, .38 Long, .38 Short
* Finish: Various Hardcoat Anodized and Black Phosphate.
* Trigger Pull: 8 lbs
* Barrel Length: 2.63″
* Capacity: 4 rounds with 4-round speedloader in the grip (.380 and .32 ACP speedloader w/ moonclip)
* Overall Length: 5.25″
* Height: 4.25″ (without speed loader)
* Width: .94″ without grip, 1.25″ with grips
* Weight: approx 16oz.

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