Smith & Wesson’s semi-automatic M&P pistols have earned their place among top shooters in the law enforcement and competition worlds. They’re known for being extremely reliable and easy to use, with interchangeable backstraps, durable polymer frames and crisp triggers. For 2015, Smith & Wesson is expanding its M&P lineup to include more options to suit every shooter’s needs.

The first thing you’ll notice about the M&P Performance Center Ported C.O.R.E. (Competition Optics-Ready Equipment) pistol are the two rows or ports running along the barrel and slide, which vent gases during firing and make it easier to get back on target for fast follow-up shots. The pistol is also equipped with the Smith & Wesson Performance Center sear for enhanced precision and raised sights that are easier to acquire on the range.

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Another new addition is the M&P22 Compact, produced solely by S&W in Springfield, Massachusetts. This .22 LR pistols is perfect for plinking and training, and it’s 85 percent the size of a full-sized M&P22, making it easier for younger shooters to learn on.

Finally, Smith & Wesson is offering Flat Dark Earth and carbon-fiber finishes for its full-sized and compact M&P pistols in both 9mm and .40 S&W. These options are highly function and attractive.

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