Springfield Armory has built an impressive lineup of compact handguns over the years, and for 2015 the company has released new concealed-carry options that offer unquestionable stopping power and minimalistic design. These additions include a new 9mm variant of the Range Officer Compact and the XD Mod.2, a refinement of the company’s classic XD series of pistols.

The Range Officer Compact offers 1911-style ergonomics and performance in a package built for everyday carry. Featuring a 4-inch, match-grade barrel and thin cocobolo grips, the RO Compact is now available in 9mm, giving the operator a total 9+1 capacity in a self-defense situation over the previous .45 ACP model, which held 6+1 rounds.

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With a 3.3-inch barrel and enhanced Grip Zone texturing for a rock-solid grip during operation, the polymer-framed Springfield XD Mod.2 packs a lot of firepower into a small, carry-ready package. The new .45 ACP model features 9+1 capacity, a 6.5-inch length as well as fiber-optic front and combat rear sights. Improved slide serrations aid in slide manipulation, a welcome feature on any compact pistol, and a light weight of only 26 ounces makes the XD Mod.2 a natural for everyday carry.

For more information about these new offerings, visit or call 800-680-6866.

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