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A St. Louis store manager fought back against three men attempting to rob his I-Mobile phone store, shooting and wounding one suspect.

According to KMOV, three suspects in two vehicles, a green Mitsubishi Diamante and a blue Jeep Cherokee, pulled into the parking lot of the store located at 5001 Union Boulevard in north St. Louis. The driver of the Diamante proceeded to drive straight into the front door of the I-Mobile store. He and another man exited the vehicle, while a third man exited the Cherokee, and all three began looting the store, smashing out the glass displays where the cell phones were stored and putting the phones in bags.

At that point, the manager managed to retrieve a firearm kept at the store, and opened fire. The three suspects then dropped the bags and ran from the store.

In a press release, the St. Louis Police Department said their officers were called to the 5300 block of Claxton Avenue for a shooting victim at 9:52 a.m. They learned that this man, who had been shot in the shoulder, was one of the suspects who had robbed the store. He was identified as Dominique Moreland, 26. He was transported to an area hospital for his injuries, and arrested and charged with burglary and theft.

Police are still looking for the other two suspects involved in the attempted robbery.

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