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The following press release was issued by Steiner eOptics

Steiner eOptics (formerly Laser Devices) announces the SBAL-PL, one of the most compact, lightweight pistol-mounted laser aiming and white light illuminating systems available today.

The SBAL-PL combines a battlefield proven green laser aiming module with a new, high output, 500-lumen white-light illuminator for rapid target acquisition and aiming. The SBAL-PL’s low-parallax allows the operator to minimize the differential between point-of-aim and point-of-impact for increased accuracy at varying ranges. For maximum flexibility, SBAL-PL allows the operator to either aim independently or aim and illuminate simultaneously, all with the quick tap of a button. The SBAL-PL is designed for quick mounting onto mid to large frame pistols with an integrated adjustable butterfly mount. Housed in a rugged, waterproof aircraft aluminum 6061-T6 / MIL-SPEC Type III hardcoat anodized case, the SBAL-PL delivers long battery life and easy-of-use in a compact, under 4 oz. package.

About Steiner eOptics
Steiner eOptics, (formerly Laser Devices, Inc.) is known for its state-of-the-art visible and infrared laser aiming devices, handheld and weapon-mounted tactical lights and IR illuminators used by military, law enforcement and commercial markets worldwide. Marketing its products under the Steiner brand, the company is located in Monterey, California where 100% of its products are designed and manufactured in its 30,000 square foot facility. Steiner eOptics holds a number of U.S. patents and maintains an ISO9001:2008 Certified QMS. Steiner eOptics Inc. is a Beretta Holding company.

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