Competitive shooting is a tough sport to master, but it can be even tougher if a shooter fails to prepare for that moment when the timer sounds. Winning a stage and match doesn’t just happen on the firing line that day—it’s the result of unseen hard work and thorough commitment to excellence. Team GLOCK consists of Tori Nonaka and the newest member of the team, Michelle Viscusi, who missed some of the season to start her family with a new baby girl.

Consistent winners like Team GLOCK prepare for matches with focused discipline and planning so every shot downrange, every footfall, every reload and every angle to each target has been integrated into a winning firing solution to project a successful outcome. This year’s successes all over the globe prove that winners like Team GLOCK plan the shoot and then shoot the plan they have established by executing it one step at a time.

They start at step one, which is eliminating all the possible variables weeks or days before any match even begins. Step two is the preparation by dry- and live-fire practice sessions for the particular match that will be shot. Step three is establishing the mental focus to help eliminate misses due to nervousness or distractions. Effective pre-planning produces a prepared, calm shooter who can easily ignore meaningless distractions on the range, the chatter of the crowd and the unexpected off-target shot or even a poorly shot stage. Team GLOCK members Tori Nonaka and Michelle Viscusi embody those qualities as part of their championship-winning mindset.

Step one also means having the confidence that your gear, ammo and firearms offer proven reliability. Everything from your clothes, your load-bearing gear, your ammo and even what you bring for drinks and snacks needs to be scrutinized to ensure that it will help you deliver rounds exactly where you want. However, the biggest mechanical variable is the firearm a competitor presents on the firing line. Team GLOCK controls this crucial mechanical variable by using the best pistols in the world: GLOCKs. Whether it is USPSA, IDPA or Steel Challenge, Team GLOCK has the best pistols for the venue. While I have seen ammo and shooter failures during matches, I have not seen a firearm-related issue like a failure to feed, a light hammer strike or a stovepipe jam with a GLOCK pistol.

Winning Abroad

team glock, tori nonaka, team glock tori nonaka
Team GLOCK’s Tori Nonaka

To gain exposure in the international shooting sports, members of Team GLOCK competed in matches for 10 days in Europe. The team first shot in the inaugural Fun Gun 101 European Championship held in La Spezia, Italy, at the Forte Canarbino Shooting Club. Tori Nonaka won Production Division Overall as well as Overall Lady in Open, Limited, Production and .22 Rimfire Optical (European Champion Lady) classifications.

From the Mediterranean, the team traveled up to Winterswijk, in The Netherlands, to visit the Schietbaan Jaspers Indoor Shooting Range for the European Steel Challenge Championship. “Top Gun” Tori Nonaka received High Lady accolades yet again for her strong showing in Open, Standard and Rimfire competitions. The European matches were great warm-ups, confidence builders and useful stepping stones toward the three steel matches scheduled during June in the United States.

Back In The USA

team glock, michelle viscusi, team glock michelle viscusi
Team GLOCK’s Michelle Viscusi

Back home in America’s heartland, Nonaka took High Lady honors at the 2014 USPSA Area 3 Championship held in Grand Island, Nebraska. Nonaka finished the 14-stage course with 1,776 of a possible 1,880 points in the tough and very competitive Limited class. Finishing third in her class and first among the female shooters, the 19-year-old Virginia native scored another personal best. “Each stage of the Area 3 match is forever testing you to solve the most efficient pattern to complete the stage,” Nonaka reflected, “In my competition, most chose speed while I chose accuracy. It was accuracy that won out this time.”

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The 13-stage Area 4 Championship held at the Old Fort Gun Club in Fort Smith, Arkansas, had each shooter expend 250 rounds, but Nonaka shot a penalty-free match to secure her High Lady title for the difficult competition. Always up for a tough match and overcoming both talented competitors and well-designed courses of fire, Nonaka said, “I really enjoyed competing at Area 4. The match was well designed with no-shoot targets and difficult shooting positions. I like the challenge of determining when to speed up or slow down depending on the difficulty level of the target.”

team glock, michelle viscusi, team glock michelle viscusi
Team GLOCK’s Michelle Viscusi

The following week, Team GLOCK advanced on to Dartmouth, Massachusetts, for the USPSA Area 7 match. To dominate the nine-stage, 200-shot match, Tori Nonaka used her championship mix of preparation, concentration and performance to stand once again on the podium to collect another High Lady award. Shortly afterwards, Nonaka shot a personal best and continued her streak of High Lady titles in USPSA with yet another High Lady and Classification win at the GLOCK-sponsored Georgia State Championship. Regarding the competition she said, “I have been concentrating a great deal of my training time lately to focus on utilizing my strength and my speed to move through the stages as efficiently as possible.” Tori went on to say, “I am attacking the course with greater determination to be as fast and accurate as possible.” Using perfect concentration and the precision and accuracy of her GLOCK pistol, Nonaka ruled the day and scored 211 Alpha hits on target, shooting another penalty-free match.

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Making this season even more successful for Team GLOCK, Tori Nonaka once again captured the USPSA Lady’s Championship at the 2014 USPSA Nationals at the Southern Utah Shooting Sports Park near St. George, Utah. Nonaka won the Limited class and B Division National titles for 2014, which was a repeat of her 2013 achievement when she won the Limited 10 title. This made her the youngest female competitor to win a National title at that time. The 2014 National annual practical shooting competition combined the four handgun disciplines of USPSA to challenge competitors for speed and accuracy against 27 tough stages in blustery wind and heavy rain during an unseasonably early autumn cold snap. The triumphant Nonaka said that “ideal conditions existed earlier in the week, but the conditions leading up to the weekend pairings were sloppy.” Nonaka went on to say, “Winning the championship with these disadvantages makes the title that much sweeter for me. The scoring was close, but as I see it, I shot the match just as I wanted to shoot it, at my pace and with precision.”

World Shoot

team glock, tori nonaka, team glock tori nonaka
Team GLOCK’s Tori Nonaka took home a silver medal for the Ladies Standard Division at the 2014 World Shoot XVII. Here she is seen shooting Stage Eight, “Hold On Tight.”

Ending the year in fantastic fashion at what could be accurately described as the Olympics of action shooting, Tori Nonaka took home the silver for Team USA and Team GLOCK from the IPSC World Shoot XVII. The World Shoot is held every three years to determine who the best action shooters in the world are through head-to-head competition. For this year’s match, over 1,300 shooters competed from countries all over the world. Held only every three years, the World Shoot XVII ended with Nonaka using her purple GLOCK 35 to take second place in the Ladies Standard Division for Team USA. She helped lead her teammates, including Randi Rogers and Carina Randolph, to a gold medal win.

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The 2014 IPSC World Shoot was hosted by the United States at the Universal Shooting Academy in Polk County, near Frostproof, Florida. First started in 1976 with the legendary Jeff Cooper as its first president, the IPSC is one of the very first action shooting organizations, and it’s the parent organization for many of the world’s most popular action shooting groups, including the USPSA in the United States. The IPSC has several different equipment divisions, including Classic, Revolver, Production, Standard and Open, with courses of fire that include steel and paper targets using ammo that is leveled for its velocity and bullet weight. Ever since 1975, the IPSC has held the World Shoot, where international competitors are chosen to attend based on their scores from four qualifying matches over the previous two years. At the World Shoot, competitors engage dozens of stages over several days, with each stage varying in its complexity, number of targets and difficulty. Since only the best practical shooters compete, the winners of the World Shoot can rightfully claim the title of World Champions, so taking home the gold, silver or bronze from this competition is for shooters like winning the World Cup, World Series and Super Bowl all at once. After thanking GLOCK for its support, Nonaka said, “I have now shot two World Shoots and have collected two individual silver and two team gold medals against the top competition in the world. Congratulations to Hilde Nakling [from Norway, who took the gold], Randi Rogers [who took bronze] and all the other great women who shot a superb match, and I look forward to our next competition.”

Helping New Shooters

team glock, tori nonaka, team glock tori nonaka
Team GLOCK members shoot nearly every day to maintain their basic fundamentals and prepare for high-stakes matches.

Team GLOCK also spent its time this year with a lot of other non-competitive activities. Some of its recent efforts include when Nonaka was a guest instructor at the Sixth Annual U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) Action Shooting Junior Clinic at Fort Benning, Georgia. Nonaka mentored over 40 young shooters and their families at the three-day event where Army shooters teach the fundamentals of pistol and rifle marksmanship.

During the season, Team GLOCK also supports the Scholastic Pistol Program (SPP), with the experienced shooters providing one-on-one coaching to young shooters all over the country. Part of the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation, the SPP exists to support youth development in the shooting sports industry.

Overall, Team GLOCK members are successful because they show up ready to shoot, and they’re already ahead of their competition because of all that they do before the timer sounds. While they consistently bring their “A” game and gear, which everyone can see, spectators and fellow shooters don’t see the hours that they dry-fire alone, or the time they spend on the range to keep their fundamentals perfect, or the coaching they give one another to make sure a mistake does not become a habit. No matter their targets, rain or sunshine, when Tori Nonaka and Michelle Viscusi step up to the firing line, they already have won with their preparation, positive mindset and the best competitive pistols in the world, their GLOCKs. They know that simply everything after the beep and before time is called is just matching actions with their plan and performing basic fundamentals as practiced. That is what makes Team GLOCK the hard-working champions that they are.

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