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Tetra’s line of gun care products includes Tetra Gun Grease, a heavy-duty, fluoropolymer white grease lubricant that protects metal-to-metal surfaces. This easy-to-use grease helps reduce friction, and smooths and protects. It’s perfect for using on rifle bolts, sears, locking lugs and semi-auto slide/rails. It is available at a MSRP of $5.99. See below for additional details.


* Widest operating temperature range -100°F to 750°F
* Bonds to metals; smooths and protects
* Reduces friction
* Quick to apply, easy to use
* Low odor
* Doesn’t attract fouling
* Won’t migrate

About Tetra Products
FTI, Inc., developers of advanced fluoropolymer metal surface treatment technology since 1985, offers superior lubricant performance with its Tetra line of high-performance lubricants, lubricant additives and metal cleaning products. New performance benchmarks are the result of FTI’s commitment to technological innovation, extensive research and development and product testing. In addition to Tetra’s advanced technology, all Tetra products utilize the highest quality materials available and are manufactured to provide superior purity and uniformity.

For more information about Tetra Gun Grease, and the full range of products currently offered by Tetra, please visit http://www.tetraproducts.com



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