11-year-old girl scares off intruder with shotgun

On January 31, the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office says an 11-year-old girl scared away a man who broke into her home by pointing a shotgun at him, ultimately forcing him to retreat from the home.

According to ABC12news.com this terrifying situation unfolded Friday night on Five Lakes Road in North Branch Township.

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Deputies reported that the 11-year-old girl was home alone, when someone knocked on all the doors.

She did not respond to the knocks, leading the intruder to believe that no one was home.

When a man broke into the home, the girl’s first instinct was to hide. Deputies say the girl locked herself in a bathroom closet with a shotgun.

When the man broke into the closet the girl pointed the gun at him, scaring him and causing him to flee from the home.

A short time later a 53-year-old man and a 31-year-old woman from Detroit were arrested in Imlay City in connection to the break-in.

While some may argue that an 11-year-old should not have been left home alone, or that she should not have had access to a firearm; in this case, it was the firearm and her courage that kept her out of harm’s way. Neither the girl nor the intruder were injured.

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