Pocket pistols have truly come full circle since their resurgence in popularity starting in the early 2000s. Now companies are offering every possible make and model to suit every shooter’s needs, from high-tech derringers and single-shot pistols that offer a last-ditch backup option, to hammerless revolvers and tank-tough 1911s. On the other end of the spectrum we have megapistols, or “stock-less” rifles, usually based on the ever popular AR platform, that offer much more capacity and power than a typical handgun. Read on to learn more about some of the market’s newest handguns, from pocket pistols to megapistols and everything in between.


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Armalite AR-10 Pistol

Armalite M-15 Pistol

ATI Omni Hybrid

Boberg XR45-S

Bond Arms Big Bear

Century Arms TP9SA

Edge Arms Reliant

Grand Power P1

Kahr CT380

Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX

Ruger LCR 9mm

Walther CCP

Windham Weaponry RP11SFS-7

WMD Model 11.1



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