Air pistols let shooters train any time anywhere. You can train in a basement or living room or in your back yard—and at a fraction of what it costs to fire live ammunition. The cost per shot with an air pistol is about one to three pennies. That includes pellets or BBs plus CO2 or other canned air to power these pistols. BB and pellet models have more velocity and accuracy than airsoft pistols, but airsoft pistols offer blowback actions that replicate recoil (as can some air pistols). You can also fire an airsoft pistol in your living room using the plastic 6mm BB. Air pistols can provide safer holster drills, a reprieve from dry firing and enhanced control. There are precision models that can dispatch pests or hunt small game. Then there are those models that replicate legendary firearms at a fraction of the cost. Here are some of the best air pistols on the market to consider.


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