John Browning’s iconic 1911 handgun design, the everlasting centenarian, continues to soldier on in today’s market even stronger than ever. With grumblings rampant about replacing the Department of Defense’s issue handgun, many have seriously suggested going back to the future with a modern 1911 revision. The design remains a competition favorite in both precision-orientated bullseye and speed-driven practical shooting. With more manufacturers designing new and improved versions, the 1911style pistol continues to attract new and accomplished shooters.


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American Tactical


Chiappa Firearms




European American Armory

Eagle Imports

Ed Brown

Iver Johnson Arms

Kimber America

Magnum Research

Nighthawk Custom – Shadow Hawk Government with Trijicon RMR

Nighthawk Custom – War Hawk Recon

Republic Forge – Republic 1911

Republic Forge – General 1911

Rock Island Armory

Rock River Arms – 1911 Poly

Rock River Arms – Bullseye Wadcutter


Sig Sauer

Springfield Armory – Marine Corps Operator

Springfield Armory – Range Officer Champion

STI International – Elektra

STI International – Tactical SS 5.0

Taylor’s & Company



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