The following press release was issued by Ashbury Precision Ordnance

Ashbury Precision Ordnance (APO) Manufacturing known for its product focus on their patented ergonomically adjustable SABER® modular rifle chassis system and high accuracy precision long range rifles, has taken their product offerings in a surprising direction through a new and exciting Custom Shop operation. The APO Custom Shop (APOCS) is offering complete custom precision rifle builds, and unexpectedly, practical/tactical pistols with CNC inletted Trijicon® RMR reflex sights.

The architect of the APO Custom Shop concept is Matthew Peterson, Product Development Coordinator for Ashbury. “Our company has more than 45 years of professional USMC MOS 2112 Precision Weapons Repairman/Technician experience in our Ordnance Department,” said Peterson. “These patriotic veterans have served our nation during Vietnam and through deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq,” he continued. “In addition to building many hundreds of precision M14 and M40 rifles for Marine Corps Scout Snipers and Palma rifles for the Rifle Teams, our gunsmiths also supported Marine Corps Pistol Team shooters over the course of several decades.”

It became quite obvious to Ashbury that pistols equipped with reflex sights are trending with today’s shooters, and especially those shooters with aging eyes, which is something we will all eventually encounter. “After considerable market research we contacted Trijicon® to learn more about their RMR products and the remarkable Norwich University Comparative Pistol Study,” explained Peterson. “This study emphasizes the distinct advantages of training pistol shooters with reflex sights vs. traditional iron sights.”

APOCS precision machines pistol slides for direct mounting of Trijicon RMR ruggedized miniature reflex sights that “co-witness” suppressor height night sights on popular handguns to include the venerable M1911, selected Glock®, and HK® models. The company also offers new “shooter-ready” optically enhanced pistol packages with upgraded tritium iron sights, improved triggers and tactical controls. Much sought after accessories such as threaded barrels and suppressors are also available as Ashbury is a BATFE licensed Class 07 manufacturer, SOT and registered US Department of State ITAR exporter.

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Veteran Marine Gunsmith Travis Bankston, the energizing force on APO’s team of 2112’s behind this effort, said, “The Custom Shop offers civilian pistol shooters the same reliable, high quality pistol builds and modifications we provided to the Marine Corps shooting teams, Force Reconnaissance and MARSOC throughout our careers, for competition or combat.”

“APOCS will earn the trust and confidence of civilian shooters and law enforcement officers,” continued Bankston, “by providing accurate, reliable and affordable, optically-enhanced, custom handguns. We’ll provide the same high quality custom firearms for recreational and competitive shooting, personal protection, and tactical operations we confidently provided to Marine Warfighters.”

Depending on the make and model of pistol being modified shooters have the option of mounting the RMR with the rear sight behind or in-front* of the optic. Co-witnessed iron sights offer shooters many advantages to include rapid red dot acquisition, RMR protection and emergency cocking point* and RMR back up the in the event of battery failure.

Shooters can also have other grip, frame, slide and fire control [trigger] enhancements made by APOCS team of qualified gunsmiths and machinists. APOCS is additionally supported by an experienced team of Ashbury engineers, machinists and product developers who are all shooters and hunters.

For more information on APO Custom Shop Services, tactical pistol packages, precision rifles and long range Riflesports accessories, please visit the Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg website, contact our customer service department or shop the APO online store, The Armory.

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