With the introduction of the ACER-LB (Light-Bearing) holster, Texas-based Bravo Concealment has taken its popular Acer DG2 holster and added a light option to it.

According to the product listing, retention can be accommodated from light to heavy by adjusting the 2 screws under the trigger guard and weapon light. Made out of durable .08 Kydex, the ACER-LB features a robust design that enables the end user to draw and re-holster repeatedly without any issues. The two anchor points allow for a sturdy wear with less than minimal movement of the holster. In addition, the belt clips or soft belt loops allow the holster to be “tuck able,” meaning the user can tuck their shirt in their pants while wearing the ACER for more formal concealment.

According to Bravo Concealment, the ACER-LB comes with an option of COMBAT Suede, which is suede-like material affixed to the outside of the holster for added comfort. “The COMBAT Suede also acts like a light friction pad up against your clothing,” Bravo says in the product listing. “This allows for a more stable holster.”

COMBAT Suede is available in three different colors: Panther Suede (Black), Lion Suede (Tan) and Fox Suede (Red). MSRP is $74.99.

For more information about the ACER-LB Holster, and the full range of products currently offered by Bravo Concealment, please visit

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