The Pathfinder School is an outdoor self-reliance and survival school specializing in no-nonsense training for everyone who ventures into the outdoors. Founded by Dave Canterbury, The Pathfinder School provides many opportunities for you to learn the skills needed to become self-reliant. Canterbury and The Pathfinder School are dedicated to passing on this “tribal knowledge” of outdoor self-reliance and primitive skills to anyone and everyone who wants to learn. And all of this knowledge makes Canterbury a great person to review the Chiappa Triple Threat, a triple-barreled, 12-gauge shotgun perfect for backwoods hunting and survival.

The break-action Triple Threat can fire 3-inch, 12-gauge shells. Each barrel is 18.5 inches long, chrome lined and threaded to accept Remington MC5, SK, IC, M, IM and “full” chokes.

For simplicity, the shotgun only has one trigger, which fires the right barrel, the left barrel and then the top barrel, in that order. The front sight is a fixed brass bead, and the safety is a button mounted on the tang, perfect for ambidextrous use. The barrels and receiver are handsomely blued, and the stock is crafted from walnut. The Triple Threat’s overall weight is 8.2 pounds.

Check out the video above to learn more from Dave Canterbury himself, and to find out more about the Triple Threat, visit http::// and

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