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When it comes to deep concealment, accessibility and comfort for extended wear, the Dene Adams line of holsters is unlike anything else available today. With multiple patent pending features, this is no ordinary shape wear. Dene Adams concealed carry corsets allow you to holster your weapon in a sublayer of the compression pulling your gun snug to your body. The technology allows maximum concealment with minimal bulk under a single layer of non-form fitting clothing.

More than your everyday masculine IWB or belly band holster, Dene Adams corsets are actual shapewear garments. The Dene Adams corsets offer women a lacy and feminine option for concealed carry, with colors intended to match common bra and panty combinations. With a slightly tapered center the garment smoothes curves and helps create an attractive and feminine shape to a woman’s waist. With 2 rows of bra style closures, this corset style holster adjusts to various body types. An hourglass shaped woman can simply cinch the corset straight up through the center. While a woman with wider hips and a smaller waist can use the second row of closure at the bottom and cinch the top tighter or vice versa.

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The SLIM Corset is named for its slimming abilities with durable American steel boning, the corset offers support that conforms to your body and flexes with your movement throughout the day. This boning allows the wearer to move naturally whether engaged in rigorous activity, bending or sitting for long periods of time. The corset offers dependable support that won’t roll or lose its shape. With a light weight poly blend wicking liner, the corset offers exceptional comfort with daily activity in a variety of climates. The SLIM corset is made to conceal most sub-compact semi-automatics and snub nosed revolvers. Each corset features 2 separate ambidextrous compartments allowing your gun to be holstered in 1 of 4 possible directions. The compartments’ acute angled corner is designed to cover the base of your guns grip, while leaving enough of the remaining grip exposed for quick access.

Creating American jobs is a core value at the heart of this company and Dene Adams is doing just that. With manufacturing facilities in 2 regions, workers are carefully constructing these high quality handmade garments. After launching in August 2014 with only a single holster style, interest in this innovative product has skyrocketed. Dene Adams is already making its way as a standard in concealed carry classes across the country. The designer and CEO Anna Henry is a NRA certified firearms instructor, who continues to work together with law enforcement and advanced tactical trainers, to design front line quality, deep concealment garments. In field tests, draw time proved impressive with a 1.5 second 2-handed draw time to meet a target 10 feet away.

Dene Adams LLC has plans for 17 new designs to be released over the next few years, this small, female owned business is sure to change the way service members, private security and American citizens are able to make carrying concealed a part of their everyday lives.

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