When many people first learn to shoot, they spend a lot of time at their local range “punching holes in paper.” Doing so often helps ingrain the fundamentals of shooting and builds a strong foundation for the future. However, after a while, it’s important to challenge yourself to take your training to the next level. One of the best ways to do this is with a few of the stages developed by the GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF).

GLOCK The Plates

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One of the drills you can practice to become a better shooter is called “GLOCK The Plates.” The target used for this drill is a plate rack consisting of six steel plates that are each 8 inches in diameter. Your shooting position is 11 yards from the plates and you want to knock down all six plates as quickly as possible. You’re allowed to load a total of 11 rounds, and you shoot this drill a total of four times and add the times together to get your overall score. So, if the first time it takes you 4.5 seconds, the second time takes 3.5 seconds, the third time takes 3.2 seconds and the fourth time takes 5 seconds, your total is 16.2 seconds. You’re allowed to shoot the plates in any order you wish, and there’s a 10-second penalty for any plates left standing.

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Another drill you should consider trying is “5 to GLOCK.” Like the drill above, it teaches you to fire on multiple targets, but it also trains you to fire on targets at different distances. This drill consists of a total of five NRA D-1 targets, with the first target being as close as 5 yards and the farthest target 25 yards away. There are also targets at distances of 10, 15 and 20 yards. This drill includes three strings of fire. Each time you fire two rounds at the target, and you’re allowed to start with 11 rounds loaded in your magazine. There are a total of 30 scored rounds for the “5 to GLOCK” drill, and your final score will only count the best six hits per target.

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The final drill I recommend giving a try is “GLOCK’M.” This is a fun and worthwhile drill because you get to shoot both paper and steel targets. There are a total of seven targets used in this drill: four NRA D-1 targets and three steel pepper poppers. The first two D-1 targets are at a distance of 7 yards—one is off to your right-hand side and the other is off to your left. At a distance of 11 yards are the steel pepper popper targets. At the 15-yard line are the final two D-1 targets, which are place 3 feet off the center point of the firing line. When given the command, you fire two rounds at each of the D-1 targets and fire at the pepper popper target of your choice. There are three strings of fire in this drill for a total of 27 scored rounds.

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