Twenty-nine years: It’s been a long haul since 1986, when the first GLOCK semi-automatic pistol made an appearance in American media in the hands of Don Johnson’s character Sonny Crockett on the original Miami Vice TV series. Now the Glock pistols deserve Screen Actor’s Guild residuals as one of the most dependable guest stars on motion picture and television screens.

On the big and small screens, the GLOCK autopistol, in all its variations and calibers, shines as the gun of our generation’s movie and television heroes. And with new models being introduced, the future of GLOCK pistols in Hollywood looks bright! Scroll through the gallery above to learn about 24 movies and television shows featuring GLOCK pistols.

To cap things off, our friends at Ballistic have a similar list of their all-time favorite guns in movies. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Publisher’s Note

The author of this article, John Fasano, has been a friend to GLOCK and the publishers of this magazine for many years. He was a fan of GLOCK pistols and a fan of Hollywood movies. He’s contributed to GLOCK AUTOPISTOLS for several years. This will be the last installment from our friend. We lost him during the summer of 2014. May he rest in peace, in the big screen above.

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