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The issue of Constitutional Carry continues to gain traction, with bills being filed this year in states like Texas, West Virginia, Kansas, Indiana and New Hampshire. Now, Idaho has joined the fray, as HB 89 calls for the elimination of the Gem State’s concealed carry permit requirement.

“The Second Amendment is our carrying permit,” said Greg Pruett, founder of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, according KIVI-TV. He introduced the bill

Pruett notes that Idaho currently has an open carry law on the books which does away with the need for a permit.

“All we’re doing is saying ‘Hey, concealed carry ought to be the same,'” Pruett said.

Boise Weekly reports that HB 89 would make it legal for anybody aged 21 and older to carry a concealed weapon without a permit “provided that the individual meets the standards of eligibility … within the state of Idaho,” according to the bill’s language. This includes felons and people with criminal backgrounds, a history of mental illness, substance abuse issues, illegal immigrants and other factors.

KIVI-TV says gun laws related to college campuses would remain unaffected by HB 89. In other words, you’d still need an enhanced concealed carry permit to carry on campus.

The bill has been referred to the Idaho House State Affairs Committee.

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