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A bill enabling Kansas residents to carry a concealed handgun without a license has advanced in the state Senate, with a final vote set for Thursday.

As the Kansas City Star notes, the passage of SB 45 would see Kansas joining the likes of Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming as the fifth state to allow “constitutional carry.” The permit process would remain the same for those wanting use their permits in 36 other states.

“Second Amendment rights are very important to the people of Kansas,” said Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce, R-Hutchinson.

Sen. Bruce, the bill’s primary sponsor, was quick to downplay its impact, as Kansas has many residents who carry concealed, and it already allows open carry without a permit.

“When you put everything in perspective, the end result may end up really being a non-event,” Bruce said. “I don’t think a lot will change when we pass it.”

According to the Star, Republican Gov. Sam Brownback says he hasn’t yet read the bill, and therefore could not say if he would support it. The bill would still need to pass through the House before being enacted. Both chambers are under Republican control.

The 2015 legislative session has seen the introduction of constitutional carry bills in multiple states, including Colorado, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, Texas and West Virginia.

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