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The NRA’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program, a safety program that teaches children in pre-K through third grade what to do if they find a gun, was taught to children at Myron L. Powell Elementary in Cedarville, New Jersey last week.

According to NJ.com, the program — which began in 1998 and was developed by police officers and teachers — was brought to the school at the behest of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

“They come to us because they want a program such as this,” NRA media manager Lars Dalseide said. “Firearms are a part of Americas culture and if they’re not properly trained for the use of them than its best that they stay away.”

As NJ.com reports, the program initially came to Cumberland County a couple of years ago. Local officials thought it a good idea due to the fact that the county has a large number of people who work in law enforcement and go hunting. When asked during Thursday’s assembly if anybody in their family hunts, most of the students raised their hands.

“These kids are very, very aware of guns and guns around them so we just want to teach them the safety behind it,” said Jenna Wehrle, health and physical education teacher at Myron L. Powell Elementary.

The lesson changes depending on which grade is going through the program, Officer Craig Johnson of the sheriff’s office told NJ.com. But the main difference is how much emphasis is put on the Eddie Eagle mascot.

“We’re not teaching them to be pro or negative guns,” said Sheriff Robert Austino. “We’re teaching them how to be safe around guns.”

The NRA’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program has been taught to over 26 million children in all 50 states.

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