Kel-Tec CMR-30, CMR-30
(Photo by Kel-Tec)

Watch the videos below to see the Kel-Tec CMR-30 in action!

Recently, was invited to Kel-Tec to shoot the company’s newest additions to its outstanding line of pistols, rifles and shotguns. When I arrived I was met by Derek Kellgren and soon was at the Kel-Tec range with the .22 Magnum CMR-30 carbine. As I shot the Kel-Tec CMR-30, I found that it was even more fun to shoot than its little brother, the PMR-30 pistol that has been a cult favorite for several years. In fact, the brand-new .22 Magnum CMR-30 is a follow-up to the incredibly popular PMR-30 pistol. Since the design is a rifle version of the PMR-30 pistol, the same 30-round magazines are used, allowing for a perfect match when interchangeability of ammo and magazines are important.

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The CMR-30 has the same single-action trigger mechanism, bolt stop, ambidextrous safety levers, and magazine release of the PMR-30. The CMR-30 rifle includes a collapsible stock and a 16-inch barrel with 1/2×28 threading to accept many different muzzle attachments. The multi-position collapsible stock allows for a short overall length of 22.7 inches with the stock collapsed and 30.6 inches when extended. The long top Picatinny rail will accept a multitude of different optics, and a removable bottom Picatinny rail is included. The ambidextrous charging handle is non-reciprocating and latches in the forward position. The stock latch lever is also ambidextrous and located just in front of the triggerguard. An integral sling loop is included near the rear of the grip on both sides. Included with every CMR-30 are front and rear Magpul flip-up sights.

The CMR-30 uses a short-stroke gas piston (like the M1 Carbine), and the upper assembly is constructed of hardcoat anodized aluminum. The collapsible stock is made with aluminum stock rods and a nylon buttplate. The stock was designed to offer a natural cheekweld when extended. The grip, magazine release, safety levers, stock latch and operating handles are made of glass-reinforced nylon (Zytel). The grip houses the frame, which is made of aluminum. The bolt assembly houses a captive recoil spring assembly.

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Shooting the CMR-30 was tremendously fun, with the slightly larger mass of the carbine absorbing the near-negligible recoil and making it easy keep the sights on target. With the gentle recoil similar to .22 LR rifles but the power of the underrated .22 Magnum, the carbine was easy to shoot. While I was not able to fully test out its accuracy at farther distances, the rounds hit exactly where I aimed at 50 feet, making the CMR-30 a very effective home-defense and bug-out firearm.

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