So you finally bought a gun for concealed carry. You’re all set, right? Wrong. Aside from receiving some top-notch training so you’re able to use the gun effectively in a personal- or home-defense situation—and it’s a good idea to make sure your family members join you in this training—you need to make sure you have some accessories to make your CCW system even more effective in every situation. This includes when you’re away from home, driving, or making your way to your car, where lots of physical encounters can occur. After all, predators like to prey on people at their weakest.

Here are some of the best concealed-carry accessories and products to optimize your self-defense and help you protect your loved ones, from next-gen holster systems and flashlights, to high-traction grip add-ons, hearing protection and gun safes. All of these products will help you take your protection to the next level.


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