In hard times, the need for self-defense becomes all the more real. Home invasions, civil disturbances and outlaws looking for a quick score all seem to be an increased threat. Citizens not only have the right to defend themselves, but the absolute duty to do so. Buying a handgun—combined with good training and an understanding of the law—is a good step toward providing for your family’s safety should a two-legged predator come around.

The gun you select will vary based on a number of factors, such as its intended purpose, which could be concealed carry or home defense. Car-building icon Henry Ford achieved monumental success by bringing high-quality rides to the masses while nailing the ultimate factor for us regular folks—price point! Price is often the limiting factor as the family budget has to keep food on the table. The following handguns are quality self-defense choices, each with a retail price of less than $450.


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