Every time the reader opens up an issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS, he or she can expect to read about the hottest new guns and gear in the marketplace, as well as shooting tips, CQB tactics, interviews with notable names in the industry and expert analysis of the legalities surrounding firearms. The May 2015 issue, currently available on newsstands, is no different. From the Remora Tuckable Holster to the Fervor 1250 dagger by Steel Will Knives, here’s a look at six new products highlighted by the editors.


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Remora Tuckable Holster

Talon Grips For Glocks

Phalanx Defense Systems Stealth Operator

Steel Will Knives Fervor 1250

Republic Forge Custom 1911 Pistols

Tetra Gun Three-Piece Multi-Purpose Brush Set



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