Blue Book of Gun Values, Blue Book of Gun Values 36th edition

The following press release was issued by Blue Book Publications

Blue Book Publications, Inc., the publisher of the world-renowned Blue Book of Gun Values announces the latest edition, the 36th Edition, available April 1, 2015.

With thirty-six editions and 1.6 million copies in circulation worldwide, Blue Book Publications, Inc., is proud to announce the upcoming release of the 36th Edition Blue Book of Gun Values by S.P. Fjestad! This new edition contains significantly updated values and information reflecting new changes in the gun industry. New 2015 makes and models have also been included, along with updated values on discontinued and antique firearms.

Features of the new Blue Book of Gun Values:

* Important pricing updates on major trademark current, antique, and discontinued models, including Colt, Winchester, Smith & Wesson, and Sturm Ruger.
* Double action revolvers from both Colt AND Smith & Wesson have fluctuated significantly.
* 2,512 pages – includes nearly 1,500 manufacturers and trademarks, almost 20,000 gun model descriptions, and over 175,000 prices.
* More information, more values, and more history than any other guide on the market, by far!


“At some point, every gun owner asks the question, “What’s it worth?” The leading reference for decades has been the Blue Book of Gun Values. Whether you are a seller, a buyer, a shopper, or just curious, this constantly-updated gold mine of research is your friend.”
-Tom Gresham, Gun Talk Radio and Gun Talk TV

Also available as an online subscription and on CD-ROM – visit

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