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The following press release was issued by Breakthrough Clean and Ms. Clean

Breakthrough Clean, the leader in refined green technology, has combined efforts with Ms. Clean to help launch a new Kickstarter project: the Ms. Clean Double. Due to the popularity of the Ms. Clean Single Kit and customer demand for a bigger container, Ms. Clean created the Double kit to be twice the thickness of the Ms. Clean Single Kit (the original magazine shaped AR-15/M-4 cleaning kit). Ms. Clean products allows a shooter to carry their firearms cleaning kit or trauma kit on their gear, pack, or range bag where it can be easily accessed when needed. The crush and chemical resistant reinforced polymer case keeps your firearm’s maintenance tools, lubricants, and small firearm parts safe and organized while performing maintenance in the field, while the magazine shape allows the kit to be stored in abundantly available double NATO magazine pouches.

Ms.Clean will release The Breakthrough Clean Double Kit that will include: Breakthrough Clean 6oz solvent spray, Battle Born 2oz High Purity oil, Battle Born 12cc grease syringe, (5) 3ml Battle Born High Purity oil sprayers, (5) 3ml Breakthrough Clean solvent sprayers, Tactical Tailor magazine pouch, B5 Systems carbon scraper, rods, eyelet, adapter, nylon brush, brass brush, picks, patches, cotton swabs, BoreSnake, lens pen, 5.56 chamber brush, and bore brushes (9mm, 5.56 and 7.62). Ms. Clean will also have a Single Ms. Clean Kit with the option to include a Breakthrough sample pack (3ml Military-Grade Solvent spray bottle, 3g Battle Born Grease packet, and 3g Battle Born High-Purity Oil packet) with it.

Click on the link below to learn more about Ms. Clean’s exciting Kickstarter project and to view all available options and kit add-ons.

Ms.Clean Double Kickstarter Project

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