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CaseCruzer travels light with its Pack ‘N’ 1 – Universal Handgun Case. Designed to protect a lone firearm and accessories, the trim single-handle attaché conceals just enough ‘heat’ for civilians and law enforcement professionals to take their shooting range skills to the next level.

Pack ‘N’ 1 – The universal handgun case lid is uniquely fitted with six tactical mag pouches which can hold at least as many magazines and possibly more, depending on the thickness of the magazine. The base accommodates both semi-automatic and sub-compact handguns up to 9.14″ in length and 5.45″ in width, and includes a cutout for other accessories and a desiccant. All items fit snugly and will not jostle during travel.

The Universal Pack ‘N’ 1 – Handgun Case has a shockproof, hard-shell exterior — black only — includes one rubber over-molded fold-down handle. It shrugs off impact and vibrations because it is made in the USA. Since this reusable case was built to pack heat, it arrives with an unconditional lifetime warranty.

“We had fun developing a name for our carrying case. Everybody knows the term packing heat,” says Tatiana Briceno, marketing director. “But we’re very serious about safety and proper storage of all firearms.”

Pack ‘N’ 1 – Universal Handgun Case sports convenient trigger latches that can be padlocked for security, thanks to stainless steel flanges. The safety features lock out curious children and other unauthorized users when traveling or storing at home.

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CaseCruzer has designed its sleek but durable carrying case so that target practice fans can pack brand-name handguns, such as Auto-Ordnance, Beretta, Colt, FNH, FNS, Glock, HK, Remington, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Steyr, and Walther. It’s the perfect solution for civilians and professional shooters who prefer to travel with one favorite handgun.

The CaseCruzer carrying case is a mere 4.2 lbs when empty, and the slim exterior dimensions are 14.00″L x 12.00″W x 6.25″H. Yet the accessory compartment dimensions are a generous 6.00″L x 3.75″W x 2.00″H.

Shooting range enthusiasts who wish to travel with the stylish Pack ‘N’ 1 – Handgun Case to competitions, trade shows or collector meet-ups, must be aware of the laws governing transport of firearms. While the rules for each state may vary, generally all handguns traveling in an automobile or truck must be unloaded. Remove all detachable clips containing ammunition; and empty firing chambers, cylinders and built-in magazines.

Also, handguns cannot be concealed in the utility or glove compartment. Rather, they must be locked in the trunk of a car or in a fully-enclosed and secure locker in a truck. When traveling by air, the ATA 300-rated gun case must be checked-in with other bags.

Pack ‘N’ 1 – Universal Handgun Case allows aficionados to show a little love for a prized personal pistol. Familiarity breeds exceptional skills, and packing only one firearm keeps cleaning time to a minimum after use. Choose CaseCruzer with confidence.

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