Chiappa Mfour-22 Carbine, Mfour, Mfour 22, Mfour-22, Mfour-22 carbine
(Photo by Chiappa Firearms)

The following press release was issued by Chiappa Firearms

The Chiappa Mfour .22 LR Rimfire carbine is a great and low cost fun firearm. The high quality Mfour carbine is almost identical to the 5.56/.223 carbine and an ideal serious practice platform for the larger caliber carbine.

Sure, in these days of nearly everyone having at least 5,000 rounds of .22LR ammunition ratted away and seeking more it serves to dry up the market for many. Regardless of the short supply, a box of fifty rounds of .22LR is still a lot less money to shoot than twenty rounds of 5.56 or .223 and probably more fun too boot.

The accurate military lookalike Chiappa Mfour carbine is a serious platform to keep skills up for transition to its larger caliber center cousins. The Chiappa Mfour is a bunch of fun to shoot and for many it also serves as a serious survival gun.

Chiappa’s Mfour comes with a dual-aperture adjustable iron sight detachable carry handle and picatinney flat top for optics. High-quality precision made .22LRs regardless of brand or type are as expensive (many times more) to manufacture as their larger caliber brothers-but what you get is a quality firearm that will deliver reliability and accuracy.


* Caliber: .22 Rimfire
* Weight: 5.5 pounds
* Overall length: 34.25-inches
* Barrel Length: 16-inches
* Materials: Light weight and ultra tough polymer upper and lower receiver
* Magazines: Depending on state law–either two 28-round or two10-round magazines
* Colors: Desert tan (shown) or all black
* Suggested Retail: $550.00

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