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The following press release was issued by Conceal Carry Travel USA

Conceal Carry Travel USA has launched the nation’s most comprehensive website designed to connect CCW permit holders and businesses. The web-based service uses the power of geolocation and mapping to create a platform, which instantly connects gun owners and businesses.

The dilemma CCW permit holders have is knowing which establishments allow guns. Most take a neutral stance and post nothing. Others post signs if guns aren’t allowed. Very few actually post signs welcoming guns. When you travel across state lines, the confusion only gets worse since gun laws vary state-to-state. The goals of are:

* Connect business to consumers who are eager to find, and support, businesses that are friendly to CCW permit holders.
* Encourage these businesses to consider offering a discount or creating a special promotion to attract conceal carry patrons.
* Map the subscribing businesses so traveling or hometown permit holders know where they are welcome and appreciated.

The idea for the website developed after seeing several news reports of businesses providing discounts to concealed handgun license holders. We felt this concept would be great for businesses in states where concealed carry is legal. And, in states where it is not, business owners can still honor proof of a valid license from another state.

This site is for all Americans. It does not matter whether they are a Republican or a Democrat, or whether they live in a Red State or a Blue State. Conceal Carry Travel USA is a website that allows everyone to plan trips, shop local, be social, and support like-minded Americans.

About Conceal Carry Travel USA
Started in 2014, Conceal Carry Travel started as an idea between two friends. After careful consideration and months of research, they determined a website to help permit holders know where they were welcome and, being entrepreneurs themselves, a site that helped businesses promote services and discounts to a loyal, expanding demographic was desperately needed. Please visit

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