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Gene Lumsden, CEO of Legacy Sports International, Inc. is pleased to announce the arrival of their new YOTE camo, exclusively available through Legacy Sports in the Escort line of semi-auto shotguns as well as Howa Ranchland rifles. Yote is short for coyote. The Yote camo pattern looks like coyote fur and was developed, in part, by champion coyote caller and host of Predator Quest TV, Les Johnson. Les endorses Yote and uses it exclusively on his Escort shotguns for the show.

This camo pattern works extremely well in the field, blending amazingly well with many types of backgrounds and cover. Available in Standard and Youth models in the Escort semi-auto shotgun line. The Standard Magnum model is offered in 12 gauge chambering, while the Youth model is available in 20 gauge.

Yote camouflage is also available in the Howa rifle line in lightweight and heavy barrel models as full dip scope packages under the Ranchland product line. All are 20 inch barrels in #1 or #6 contour, depending upon whether they are lightweight or heavy barrels. All are short action calibers and come with a Nikko Stirling Nighteater 3-10×42 scope or Nighteater 4-16×44 scope with rings and one-piece base.

Both the Escort shotguns and Howa rifles are sure to be a hit with predator hunters, and any hunter who wants his firearm to blend in with the surroundings!

Escort Yote Specifications

* Barrel Length: 22″ or 28″
* OAL: 48″
* LOP: 13″ or 14″
* Weight: 6.35 lbs. to 7.0 lbs.
* Chokes: Multi, 3; Multi, 5 (with Extreme)
* Mag. Cap.: 4 + 1
* Stock: Synthetic
* All Escort shotguns include sling swivel studs.

Howa Ranchland Yote Specifications

* Barrel Length: 20″
* Barrel Contour: #1 and #6
* OAL: 40.25″
* LOP: 13.87″
* Weight: 6.95 lbs. to 8.75 lbs.
* Mag. Cap.: 4 + 1
* Stock: Hogue® Overmolded™
* Scope (Ltwt and HB models have different scopes) Nikko Stirling Nighteater 3-10×42 or Nighteater 4-16×44
* These Howa rifles use Hogue® Overmolded™ stocks and come with sling swivel studs.

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