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The following press release was issued by Springfield Armory

The Springfield Armory XD-S Spring Essentials Weekend promotion begins today and runs through Tuesday, March 24th.

Weekend giveaways and events include:

– XD-S Pistol Giveaways
– XD-S Gear Giveaway
– Charity Auction

Event timeframes and giveaway details can be found at www.springfield-armory.com/xds-weekend.

The promotion celebrates the three-year anniversary of the innovative XD-S Series of ultra-thin, single stack, polymer pistols designed for concealed carry. In addition to the giveaways and special events, visitors to the website can read reviews of the XD-S series from leading industry writers and watch videos of the pistols in action.

Visitors to the Springfield Armory online store can purchase the new XD-S Mid-Mag in 9mm or .45ACP for $10 off along with free shipping from March 20–24.

“This promotion kicks off on the first day of spring”, said Rob Leatham of Team Springfield. “As people break out their summer clothes, the timing is right to remind them of how perfect this pistol is for spring and summer carry thanks to its incredibly flat and thin design.”

To participate or learn more, visit: www.springfield-armory.com/xds-weekend.

About the Springfield Armory XD-S Series
Originally introduced in 2012, the XD-S series is the first and only single-stack XD from Springfield Armory. In addition to the inherently slim nature of the design, the frame is a short sub-compact style with the barrel measuring just 3.3 or 4.0 inches. The pistols are available in 9mm and .45ACP variants.

Critical accolades of the XD-S Pistol Series include:
– Ladies Choice Awards 2015 (XD-S 9mm)
– American Rifleman’s 2013 Pistol of the Year Honors (XD-S .45ACP)

XD- S pistol features include interchangeable backstraps, an accessory rail, and fiber optic front sights along with the same exact grip angle of a 1911 pistol.

Enter to win the Tactical-Life XD-S Gear Package at https://www.tactical-life.com/news/springfield-xd-s-spring-essentials-weekend

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