GLOCK has made concealed carry almost an art form over the past 20 years since the first GLOCK subcompacts, the 9×19 GLOCK 26 and the .40 GLOCK 27, were originally introduced. Today there are 16 different subcompact models in the GLOCK line in calibers from the new G42 in .380 AUTO to the G30, G30SF, G30S and G36 in .45 AUTO. All of these various frame sizes and calibers are ideally suited to concealed-carry use for civilians and as backup guns for law enforcement, particularly the 9×19 G26 and .40 G27, the two most commonly carried law enforcement calibers, and the .380 AUTO GLOCK 42, providing the smallest GLOCK frame ever for a more discreet backup. Scroll through the gallery above to learn about the top nine concealed carry glock pistols.



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