The arrival of the highly-anticipated GLOCK 43 — which holds 6+1 rounds of 9mm ammo along with Glock’s proven Safe Action trigger system — has brought with it a range of newly-released accessories. New York-based DeSantis Gunhide, a division of HELGEN Industries Inc., is getting in on the action by introducing 16 holster fits for this ultra-concealable pistol. Scroll through the gallery above to learn about the GLOCK 43 holsters currently available.

About DeSantis Gunhide

DeSantis Gunhide is a leading holster manufacturer for city, state and federal law enforcement agencies, the U.S. armed forces, as well as hunting/sport shooting organizations around the world. DeSantis delivers a full range of holster products and accessories designed to meet or exceed the needs of its customers. For more information, please visit or Facebook


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