There is an almost inexplicable attraction to early military revolvers and semi-automatic pistols that has not diminished with the passing of years. Aside from the Colt Model 1911, most are of foreign origin and you can count them on one hand: the Mauser C96 Broomhandle, the British Empire’s venerated .455-caliber Webley Mk VI revolver, the Belgian Nagant seven-shot revolver carried by Russian soldiers in two World Wars, and lest we forget one of Germany’s most famous military sidearms, the Luger P.08 Parabellum. These, along with early post-war military handguns like the popular Russian Makarov semi-auto, have been faithfully recreated as high-quality .177-caliber air pistols.

In recreating these historic handguns as air pistols, manufacturers like Umarex, which has an exclusive Legends line that includes the Mauser M712 select-fire C96 Broomhandle, the Luger P.08 and the Makarov semi-auto, eschew the use of plastics in manufacturing these timeless pistols by using all metal components to provide durability and accurate styling as well as the proper weight and methods of operation. How authentic are they? The Mauser C96 and Webley Mk VI models pictured are shown alongside the real guns, and it takes a second look to tell one from the other!


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