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(Photo by Colt)

Team Colt shooter Maggie Reese won first place in the Lady’s Open division at the USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals, which took place April 24-26 at the Desert Sportsman Rifle and Pistol Club in Las Vegas, NV.

As the press release notes, Reese, a three-time USPSA National Champion, used the Colt LE6920 for the rifle stages. There were over 225 rifle shots in the match, which included paper, self-setter, plate rack and flash targets varying from close range to 400 yards.

“We shot 12 stages over the course of 3 days,” said Reese. “We had sun, high winds, even a little rain, plus lots of dust and dirt. Throughout it all my Colt 6920 ran flawlessly!”

Next up, Maggie Reese will compete at the Lady 3-Gun Pro-Am Challenge West, set for April 30 – May 3 at the Southern Utah Practical Shooters Range in St. George, Utah. If you want to learn more about Maggie’s upcoming competitions, please visit

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