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(Photo by Walmart)

A concealed carrier shopping with his three children at a Walmart in east Yakima, Washington used his gun to subdue a man who attacked him with a metal tee-ball bat.

As the Yakima Herald Republic reports, video footage from the store’s security system shows that the victim was shopping his family at around 11:20 a.m. on Saturday when a man approaches, picks up the bat from a rack and hits the other man in the shoulder with it.

That’s when the victim, a concealed carry permit holder since March 2013, pulled out his .357 Sig Sauer pistol from his holster.

A security officer at the store who heard the commotion went to investigate and discovered the concealed carrier pointing his gun at the man, who was laying on the floor at this point.

According to the Yakima Herald Republic, police arrived shortly thereafter and arrested the suspect. He is currently in Yakima County Jail facing a charge of second-degree assault.

The victim reportedly told police he did not know his attacker.

That’s not the end of the story, however. points to the comments for the story posted on the Yakima Herald Republic website, where a man claiming to be the victim’s father says his son was actually open carrying, though this hasn’t been confirmed.

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