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The following press release was issued by CrossBreed Holsters

CrossBreed® Holsters currently offers a full line up of handcrafted holsters for the Bond Arms Derringer, including their flagship brand the SuperTuck®, recognized as the most comfortable and secure IWB holsters on the market today.

Other holsters available for the Bond Arms Derringer include the Appendix Carry, QwikClip, SnapSlide, SuperSlide, Ohai, Bedside Backup and the Ohai Modular Holsters with RAM Mounting capabilities.

CrossBreed® Holsters has gained national recognition as a maker of the best and most functional concealment holsters available on the market today. Each holster is still handcrafted to ensure your firearm is safe and secure while carrying. Combined with the best customer service in the industry makes CrossBreed® Holsters the company you can count on for all of your Conceal & Carry needs.

For more information about all the holsters available for the Bond Arms Derringer, and the full range of products currently offered by CrossBreed Holsters, please visit

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