Glock pistols have always been bright stars in this universe. The standard-sized Glock 17 was concealable if one worked at it a bit, and its success led the Miami, Florida, Police Department to request a compact version, which became the world-renowned Glock 19. A few years later, Mr. Glock and his engineers the introduced the subcompact Glock 26. All of these were in the 9mm chambering.

Rarely seen in the U.S. due to import regulations, Glock also produced pistols in .380 ACP designated the G25 and G28. They were the same size as the G19 and G26, respectively. Then came the Glock 42. Before, there were small pistols chambered in .380 ACP, but objectively, while being easy to conceal, they were difficult to shoot well. They tended to have long, heavy trigger pulls and rudimentary to nonexistent sights. The G42 suffered none of these deficiencies and was immediately a hit. Super slim, small and “all Glock” with the reliable Safe Action system, the G42 exhibited durability, reliability and accuracy.

Although the G42 is easy to shoot and easy to train with, shooters wanted an upgrade to the slightly larger 9mm cartridge—and Glock has delivered! The new G43 is perhaps the perfect package for everyday carry.

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The Glock 43 has the qualities first exhibited with its earlier brethren: a textured grip for control, the Glock Safe Action fire control system and an integral beavertail. It too is easy to shoot and train with. A quick, informal bench session with an early sample gave groups of just 1.18 inches with some ammunition. While it is subjective but just as important, shooting the G43 was very comfortable. In short, this compact Glock will give its users true carry confidence.

In 9mm, arguably the most prolific centerfire pistol cartridge on the planet, the Glock 43 delivers the same attributes for which all Glock pistols are known. It’s a reliable, durable (engineered to 40,000 rounds), pleasingly accurate pistol.

In other words, it’s a Glock through and through! For more information, visit or call 770-432-1202.


* Caliber: 9mm
* Barrel: 3.39 inches
* OA Length: 6.26 inches
* Weight: 12.19 ounces (empty)
* Grips: Polymer
* Sights: Fixed
* Action: Safe Action
* Finish: Matte Black
* Capacity: 6+1
* MSRP: $580

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