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The following is a press release from Meprolight

TRU-DOT RDS, our most popular all-purpose reflex red dot sight is developed and manufactured in Israel and now available for purchase in the United States. TRU-DOT RDS quickly gained popularity stateside. To meet increasingly high demand, MEPROLIGHT® has advanced production of the optics and new shipments are arriving daily from Israel.

The TRU-DOT RDS by Meprolight is energy efficient, compact and lasts for thousands of hours, operating on a single AA battery. The red dot sight has auto-shut off to assist in battery preservation. TRU-DOT RDS design assures shooters with reliability and visibility in the most extreme environmental conditions.

The large display window equipped with a clear red dot allows shooters to easily mark their targets with both eyes open. TRU-DOT RDS is compatible with magnifying scopes and Gen II and III NVGs for added convenience.

TRU-DOT RDS are available for purchase through as well as major retailers.

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