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An Oregon sheriff is speaking out against a recently-passed Senate bill expanding background checks to include private gun sales, saying he will not enforce the measure if it passes in the House.

According to the Herald and News, Josephine County Sheriff Dave Daniel said Senate Bill 941 is not “in line” with the County Charter. He added that a violation of the law would be considered a misdemeanor, and he lacks the necessary manpower to enforce misdemeanors.

“I can’t enforce that law, so therefore it won’t be enforced. It doesn’t fit on my scale of priorities,” he said. “I have felonies going on daily in Josephine County. That’s my priority.”

As the Oregonian notes, SB 941 — which passed the Senate Tuesday by a vote of 17-13 — makes Oregon the 12th state in the nation to require gun background checks for gun sales and transfers between private individuals. Background checks are already required for buying a gun from a licensed dealer at a gun show.

Opponents of SB 941 say the proposed law won’t help reduce crime rates, as criminals will still manage to get their hands on guns and won’t be deterred by the threat of being arrested for a Class B misdemeanor, FoxNews.com reported.

SB 941 now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration.

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