The Packin’ Neat insert by Kristen allows you to convert your purse, bag or briefcase into a concealed carry bag. An integrated holster and organizer, the model featured here is the Tactical version, which adjusts to fit the width of your purse and is made from heavy-duty Nylon fabric. The Packin’ Neat Tactical boasts a patented design with 5 pockets and is designed for use in most medium to large purses. In short, it’s a great concealed carry solution and organizer for women. MSRP is $79.95.

About Packin’ Neat

Packin’ Neat was created to solve the problem of properly carry in existing purses and bags. Having tried the traditional carry methods and not wanting to give up a closet full of purses, Kristen solved her carry problem. She now shares this solution with other women and Packin’ Neat. With Packin’ Neat a women doesn’t have to give up her favorite purses to carry. Packin’ Neat is patented and is available both online and through authorized dealers.

Who is Kristen?

Kristen is the inventor, founder, NRA Certified Instructor and a concealed carry advocate. After solving her own carry problem, she wanted to give women a concealed carry alternative, she decided to share the Packin’ Neat solution. As a victim she experienced the need to protect herself, felt the vulnerability and decided to do something about it.

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