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The following is a press release from Grupo Mercari

The all-new T-Sholster 360BBH Belly Band Holster offers deep concealment for the total accessibility, stability, and comfort you need in a holster, making it perfect for standing, walking, sitting, driving and running! The first of its kind, this ambidextrous and multidirectional holster is capable of any type of cant and has a weightless sensation excellent for 24/7 carry. In addition, the 360BBH offers a Velcro-backed universal holster patch with a retention strap (for most auto-pistols and small frame revolvers) as well as an integrated pouch with three universal size magazine pockets and retention straps to keep your gear in place under most vigorous physical activity. The pouch may also be used to conceal a knife, a flashlight, handcuffs, etc. In short, this is a great solution for undercover concealment. MSRP is $45.

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About T-Sholster

T-SHOLSTER® (aka: T-Shirt Shoulder Holster) …the first of its kind Modular System for Concealed Carry Wear, with unique holster patch and mag. Pouch that locks tightly to the shirt with Velcro® backing, designed to provide a quick, easy and covert solution for concealed carry wear (CCW) in casual or off-duty environments.

T-SHOLSTER® features a proprietor harness system that is integrated into the t-shirt to distribute both weight of handgun and magazines throughout the system, reducing significantly weight sensation providing greater comfort 24/7 for any type of carry (vertical, horizontal, angled, etc.), ideal for full size service pistols.

 Best uses:
 24/7 concealed carry wear (CCW), VIP protection, casual, off duty, covert ops, field training, highly recommended in strenuous activity and in any given temperature or environmental situation in daily life.

For more information http://www.tsholster.com

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