As weapons systems have advanced over the years, they’ve become more ergonomic, modular and capable of handling several tasks. Optics like riflescopes, reflex sights and red dots have risen to the challenge, as companies like ELCAN, Leupold and more continue to produce cutting-edge sights and optics that get shooters on target in lightning-fast speeds at record-setting distances. Here are some of the best new tactical optics and sights released in 2015 to keep your eye on.


Top 4 Tactical Optics And Sights Introduced In 2015, tactical optics

ELCAN is a Canadian company with a proven track record of producing robust and effective weapon sights for the military. The ELCAN SpectreDR is a combat-proven, dual-view sight that transitions from 1X to 4X with the throw of a lever. The new SpectreTR is the latest evolution of this established design. It offers the choice of three different fields of view and magnification levels with the throw of a switch. A large and easily accessible dial on the side of the sight indexes these settings quickly by feel or in the dark. The SpectreTR weighs 850 grams and provides 14,000 hours of service from a CR2032 battery. For more information, visit or call 705-526-5401.

Leupold D-EVO

Top 4 Tactical Optics And Sights Introduced In 2015, tactical optics

The new Leupold D-EVO (Dual-Enhanced View Optic) allows for simultaneous close-quarters and mid-range target engagement without forcing the shooter to move their head or change their cheekweld. The D-EVO is an ingenious combination of a close-range red-dot optic and a 6X CMR-W (Close Mid-Range Reticle with Wind Holds) illuminated sight. The remarkable aspect of the D-EVO is the extraordinary fusion of these previously unrelated technologies.

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The 3.2-inch Z-shaped D-EVO essentially looks around the side of an associated conventional red-dot optic. The images from these two sights are displayed so closely together that nothing more than a minute gaze adjustment is required to index from one sight to the other. With minimal time on the optic, the brain can actually fuse these two images so that the red dot remains available for rapid acquisition of fleeting targets at close range while the illuminated 6X reticle allows essentially instant indexing to the magnified image. For more information, visit or call 800-538-7653.

Lucid P7

Top 4 Tactical Optics And Sights Introduced In 2015, tactical optics

The Lucid HD7 Gen III is built around a rugged rubber-armored aluminum chassis and is powered by a single AAA battery. There are four user-selectable reticles, and the sight includes an optical sensor that automatically dims or brightens the reticle for ambient light conditions. Lucid’s newest optic is the P7, which combines all the features of the Gen III HD7 along with 4X magnification and a usable and effective bullet-drop reticle. The HD7 Gen III and P7 have the good stuff you need without the fluff you don’t. For more information, visit or call 307-840-2160.


Top 4 Tactical Optics And Sights Introduced In 2015, tactical optics

The new ECO (Enhanced Combat Optic) from NCSTAR is an original design that combines a rugged optic with some solid features at a very reasonable price point. The ECO sports white and red navigation lights as well as a 5mw green laser, all of which are readily accessible via waterproof, side-mounted push buttons. There are three mounting positions for the included backup iron sights as well as a mounting platform for a piggyback micro red dot sight if desired. The integral optics offer a wide field of view (29 feet at 100 yards) as well as a fixed 4X magnification. The housing is aluminum, and the internal components are hardened for serious use. The ECO includes a locking throw lever quick-release mount. At less than $150 the ECO is a great value for the operator on a budget. For more information, visit or call 866-627-8278.

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