With advances in ammunition and gun design, the .380 ACP is very much alive in today’s handgun market. Some might even say that the cartridge is experiencing a renaissance because of the number of guns being sold in this caliber.

Modern bullet design and load development have greatly improved the .380 ACP cartridge for civilian self-defense. Just a few decades ago, many firearms instructors hesitated to recommend this caliber for personal protection. Now, there seems to be no shortage of people willing to stand behind the performance of the premium defensive loads on the shelves today.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of defensive handguns for the .380 ACP. These range from the very small for discreet carry to medium-sized pistols that offer much larger sights and reduced recoil. Here are a few of the .380 ACP handguns for concealed carry on the market today.


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Kahr Arms



Sig Sauer

Walther Arms


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