Location is what makes both real estate and bullet placement so valuable. The best-engineered hollow-point bullet zipping along at a hyper velocity is worthless if it doesn’t hit the attacker in a vital location.

Bullet placement is the most important aspect to the elusive thing called stopping power. However, a good-quality expanding bullet that is placed in the right spot tends to be more effective than a full metal jacket (FMJ), or ball, round in the same location. This is because an expanding bullet causes more damage to the attacker’s body, which, in turn, causes more bleeding.

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“Hollow-point ammunition tends to stop an attacker more quickly than full metal jacket bullets because it is designed to increase in diameter when it penetrates soft tissue,” said Paul Carlson of the Safety Solutions Academy. “Bullet expansion causes a larger wound channel and as a result causes more damage than FMJ. In addition, the expansion acts as a parachute that helps keep the bullet inside the threat.”

The quicker the violent attacker can be stopped, the safer it is for you, your family and other innocent bystanders.

Massive blood loss, or hemorrhaging, is generally considered the quickest way, save a hit to the central nervous system, to shut down an attacker.

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In recent decades, research has been done to determine what kind of bullet design can most rapidly stop someone from hurting you. Today, ammunition manufacturers have a better understanding of how bullet design can enhance incapacitation of an attacker. However, like a classic Ford vs. Chevy argument, there is still a great deal of debate regarding what works best.

I believe most experts would agree on the following principles. Bullet placement is the most important aspect of stopping power. To improve the ability to put rounds on target during the stress of a violent encounter, a person needs good quality, realistic training. An expanding bullet that penetrates sufficiently to reach vital organs tends to perform better at stopping an attacker than a bullet that does not expand.

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The self-defense ammo lines in the gallery above are designed to rapidly stop an attacker. Whatever ammo you carry, I strongly recommend shooting a few extra boxes in your self-defense gun to ensure proper function.

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