We are all looking for an edge, a way to improve our shooting skills beyond the norm since average is just not good enough for self-defense. To gain that edge we don’t need to take hours out of our work week to travel to a practice range or burn up our retirement fund on ammunition. Air pistol and rifle training for personal and home defense makes sense since we can train in our backyard, basement or any area temporarily designated a range.

The real benefit with air gun training comes when you pair an air gun or airsoft gun with your firearm. The more this gun simulates a cartridge-firing firearm, like those that have a blowback action to replicate recoil, the more you will build upon your existing skill set. When I spoke with, one of the largest online retailers of airsoft guns in the U.S., a spokesperson explained the parallels in airsoft and firearms training, plus innovations like the use of better materials, engineering and manufacturing. Airsoft is reinventing itself with new airsoft guns that offer realism and the ability to take the abuse training can dole out. Just think how easy it will be to practice holster drills from concealed carry. Air gun training is also an excellent way to ramp up a novice shooter on safe gun handling skills.


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